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H3C の記事一覧


2019.08.22 (Thu)




SW-HP-A5800 %%10ENTITY/1/PHONY ENTITY(t): Trap Entity ID is 339,
entity extend ID is 339, entity name is Ten-GigabitEthernet1/0/28, admin status is 4, alarm light status is 0

SW-HP-A5800 %%10OPTMOD/4/FIBER_SFPMODULE_NOWINVALID(l): Ten-GigabitEthernet1/0/28:
This is not a supported transceiver for this platform. HP does not guarantee the normal
operation or maintenance of unsupported transceivers. Please review the platform datasheet
on the HP web site or contact your HP sales rep for a list of supported transceivers.


H3C Cisco コマンド比較

2013.10.22 (Tue)


現場で使えるCisco ISR ルータ管理者リファレンス 150の技

no                               undo
end                              return
exit                             quit
enable                           system-view
write memory                     save
erase startup-config             reset saved
reload                           reboot
more flash:/ファイル名           more ファイル名

show                             display
show flash                       dir
show version                     display version
show running-config              display current-configuration
show startup-config              display saved-configuration
show history                     display history
show logging                     display logbuffer 
show vlan                        display vlan
show ip route                    display ip routing-table
show ip rip database             display rip
show ip ospf interface brief     display ospf interface
show ip ospf neighbor            display ospf peer
show ip ospf database            display ospf lsdb
show ip pim                      display pim
show ip mroute                   display ip multicast routing-table
show ip interface brief          display ip interface brief
show ip arp                      display arp
show mac address-table           display mac-address
show dot1x interface details     display macauthentication
show interfaces status           display brief interfaces
show interfaces ポートNo         display interface ポートNo
show interfaces ポートNo status  display brief interface ポートNo
show interfaces etherchannel     display linkaggregation member-port
show etherchannel summary        display linkaggregation summary
show inventory                   display device manuinfo
show env                         display environment
show env fan                     display fan
show env power                   display power
show env temperature             display environment
show users                       display users
show ntp associations            display ntp-service sessions
show snmp host                   display snmp-agent sys-info
show snmp user                   display snmp-agent usm-user
show snmp group                  display snmp-agent group
show ip ssh                      display ssh server status
show crypto key mypubkey rsa     display public-key local rsa public
show aaa servers                 display radius scheme
show radius statistics           displayradius statistics
show tacacs                      display hwtacacs
show lldp neighbors              display lldp neighbor-information brief
show power inline                display poe interface
show monitor                     display mirroringgroup
show tech-support                display diagnostic-information
show processes cpu               display cpu-usage

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